Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Today is my dog Millie's birthday. We got her a toy pheasant [ She's a labrador what do you expect ] Two balls and a big one too. We wrapped these in newspaper [when I say wrapped I mean 'scrunched up in' ] so she could open these by herself. 


Everyone wants their dog to have a great day on their b'day so we went down to our local pet shop [ Gosford pets, Tring ] to find surprise surprise a small cake labelled 'birthday cake for dogs. If not local they probably sell them online [ they always do these days ]

Friday, 14 September 2012


This is me and my little brother
I spent ages with him playing schools
and i never said mum could
photograph me but in the end i did
not mind at all.

it started to become torture
so i stopped by pretending it was end of
school but he pretended he came back
to school the next day

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hi its me dimples

I am nine now I turned 9 12 days ago   and now I am blogging about my life.
This is me. 

i like dancing ,singing ,cake,parties food wise i hate squid and rice  pudding YUCK! i am very new to blogs and such  so i need help from my mum you should check my mums blog out its wicked  and loads of news 
love dimples xxx